Fire Fighter® Fire Fighter®

Fire Fighter® To Take the Burn out of Shaving

The perfect shave often leaves even the toughest skin feeling on fire. Soothing formula, with Chamomile, Cucumber and Winterbloom, helps leave razor-scraped skin feeling cool, calm and totally comfortable. Without stinging. And refreshing Eucalyptus plus tingly Peppermint helps invigorate to give you a burst of get-up-and-go.
Blade Runner® Blade Runner®

Blade Runner® Energizing Shave Cream

Feel blades glide with no resistance as skin-conditioning Kukui Nut Oil and smoothing Soybean Oil help give you a close, friction-free shave. Plus the aroma of invigorating Coriander, Eucalyptus and Peppermint helps boot energy so you're ready to face the day.